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Gopal Jayaraman

Gopal Jayaraman is the CEO and co-founder of Sierraware. He established Sierraware with the goal to supply rock-solid and full-featured virtualization and security software to equipment manufacturers all over the world.

Prior to Sierraware, Gopal was a Senior Software Architect at Cavium Networks. Gopal previously served as the CTO of Menlo Logic, an SSL VPN company that was acquired by Cavium in 2005. He has held leading engineering roles at communications software and system vendors including Metera Networks and Wind River.

A veteran of IP routing and networking, he began his career at FutureSoft specializing in UNIX kernel development and traffic engineering. Gopal is also an active participant in the IETF community. Gopal received an MSEE degree from Madras Institute of Technology in Madras, India.